The kerberos sspi package failed to locate the forest or domain

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I hate when running a schell script or command, it errors, and an error code with no description is returned.

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How a bastion forest limits exposure of admin privileges Load More View All. The last two are great utilities if you want to see what SPNs are registered on a given object. You can however turn this feature by reviewing the following KB article: In a Windows domain, all of the Kerberos-related services just described are held by each domain ...

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Jan 18, 2020 ยท Microsoft adopted Kerberos as the preferred authentication protocol for Windows 2000 and subsequent Active Directory domains. Kerberos is typically used when a server belongs to a Windows Server domain, or if a trust relationship with a Windows Server Domain is established in some other way (such as Linux to Windows AD authentication). II. Requirements for Kerberos and NTLM authentication Kerberos, several aspects needed: 1) Client and Server must join a domain, and the trusted third party exists; if client and server are in different domain, these two domains must be configured as two-way trust. 2) Registered SPN.In the forest of knowledge with 1o57 LosT. Dashing and daring Courageous and caring Faithful and friendly With stories to share All through the forest He sing's out in chorus Marching along As his songs fill the air. You best beware Bouncing here and there and everywhere High adventure that's beyond compare LosT will be there. Magic and mystery

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